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Joseph Pilates designed a system of mindful exercises using equipment, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness. “Contrology,” he said, “was conceived to limber and stretch muscles and ligaments so that your body will be as supple as that of a cat, not muscular like a brewery-truck horse or professional weight lifter you so much admire at the circus”.

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Neolife – helping to create a Happier and Healthier You with 4 ranges: Wholefood Nutrition, Weight management, Organic Nutriance Skin care, and Bio-degradable Cleaning products. Adding this with Mindful Movement creates an ideal towards a balanced lifestyle.

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LeCielStudio has developed great relationships with a selected group of professionals in Knysna, who we refer to when further guidance and healing help is needed.


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To keep you mindful, breathing and moving during these uncertain times, join on Zoom on Tuesdays @ 8h00, NPY (NIA Pilates Yoga Combo) & Thursdays @ 8h30, Mat Pilates!
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  • LeCielStudio supports NEOLIFE wholefood nutrition. Ending the trend of chronic illness. Ask us for more info or visit https://www.facebook.com/neoyourlife/ or https://shopneolife.com/FUNYUMTUM

LeCielStudio Story

Cecile Sasman found LeCielStudio Pilates Boutique in her home town, Stellenbosch, during April 2015. She is a wife, a mom of 2 boys and an enthusiastic entrepreneur, passionate about mindful health and movement. She is the business owner of LeCielStudio in Knysna, presenting Pilates sessions as a qualified BASI (Body Art Science International) Mat Pilates Instructor; and she is an independent Neolife director of FunYumTum with NeoLife. While growing up, her passion was doing Ballet, Pilates, various sports, and social & cultural activities. After completing her BA Humanities & Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing at Stellenbosch University, she moved to South Korea for 6 years, where she taught English. She enjoyed exploring other parts of South Korea; travelled to a few other countries; & attended Ballet & Salsa classes. During 2014, she attended the BASI Mat Pilates Instructors course in Seoul, & completed her exams in Camps Bay, Cape Town in March 2015. BASI is an International Pilates Company, priding itself in its various professional instructor courses. LeCielStudio grew greatly & is very proud to have had 4 years in Stellenbosch with a super awesome team (Jieun Geum, Dinah Dick, Edelweiss Gunter, Fran Siebrits, Lente Kritzinger, Fransunette van Niekerk and Melanie Rabe) presenting a variety of mindful modalities such as mat Pilates, Yoga and Barre. LeCielStudio also prides itself on working together with other health practitioners, creating an optimal service to the clients’ needs. Cecile and her family relocated to Knysna in 2018 which gave the opportunity to hand the reins to Fran Siebrits who started Little Studio, and for LeCielStudio to reopen in Knysna in April 2019. Cecile has decided welcomes you at her boutique studio, to join for regular mat and rhythm Pilates sessions, and to further explore a holistic approach in creating a healthier and happier You, with whole food nutrition, bio-degradable cleaning products, and organic vegan-friendly Skin Care, with the support of NeoLife International’s Scientific Advisory Board. LeCielStudio, being a boutique studio, where the personal connection and service has always be of utmost importance, Cecile has decided to reduce sessions to Tuesdays and Thursdays, as her main business focus is FunYumTum with NeoLife, where she is sharing info and helping people matching their Healthy DIET with WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION by Neolife with Products based in Nature and backed by Science for 62 years, help creating a Happier and Healthier World, and Ending the trend of chronic illness. (www.shopneolife.com/FUNYUMTUM) Take care, be safe and stay mindful!

Cecile Sasman

LeCielStudio Owner / BASI Mat Pilates Instructor / Neolife Distributor
My aim for each client, is for them to reach their ultimate physical and mental condition by transforming their body into a Masterpiece through the Art of Pilates and Cellular Nutrition. As an ex dancer, I learnt the benefits of mindful movement. It is such a joy to work at and to find the harmony of mind, body and spirit.

The History behind the studio’s Name

LeCielStudio’s name started off as CielaPilates in 2015. “Ciela” has been one of Cecile’s nicknames since a young age. Cecile changed the name to “LeCielStudio” at the end of 2016 to create an umbrella name, to include more than only Pilates, but mindful movement and whole food nutrition. . “Le Ciel” is once again a play on her name but also means “the sky” in French – reminding us to aim for the highest sky, as you are capable of doing anything when you put your mind to it!

Thaine Sasman

LeCielStudio’s IT Manager / Amazing Handyman
I am a mechatronic engineer by trade, but have great experience in Project management, IT and Cropto Day Trading.

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