Pilates Rhythm Classes starting February 2020!

🎶 Pilates R h y t h m  🌸 Starting February 2020 Routine

Have you ever imagined the world without music or rhythm?
Think about how you use your breath during a Pilates session to give your body movement rhythm, which adds focus, intent and flow to the exercises.
Rhythm is such an important part of one’s life. It brings harmony and joy, making life a dance how ever you experience it.

Each month we will focus on a Pilates Rhythm routine, so that you have the mindful but fun routine “down”, enjoying the “Pilates dance” with ease and joy!

I have chosen the movie, Guardians of the Galaxy’s Vol 1 and Vol 2 Mixed Taped 50-minute soundtrack for February 🎶

If you like, you can watch the movie to know how humans do rely on music to colour one’s life in various ways.

If you would like to participate in LeCielStudio’s Pilates Rhythm Group Sessions, you will need at least 3 months Pilates experience as the fundamentals play a big role in these faster flowing cardio sessions.

Men and women are welcome, and don’t let the word “rhythm” or “dance” scare you off… we will work at it mindfully and having fun in the process reaching your goal at the end of September.

Each month will get easier and more into the swing of the Pilates Rhythm 😊

I am super excited to get these sessions going – Let’s do this!

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