Mission & Vision

LeCielStudio Mission

To guide people with mindful modalities such as Pilates in their individual capacities and small groups, of any age to –
• become aware of their body’s capabilities;
• improve their mindful movement;
• incorporate their practiced movement in their daily lives.

LeCielstudio believes in a holistic approach to health & optimal being which includes Neolife’s –

• Cellular Nutrition to help end the trend of chronic illness & fatigue;
• Biodegradable & concentrated cleaning material which can form part of grey water & saves the environment from toxic chemicals & ungradable plastic
• Organic Nutriance, a beautiful, organic, nutrient skin care range, helping our skin to look & feel vibrant.

LeCielStudio supports other professional opinions and kinesiology-, chiropractic-, sport massage therapy-, physiotherapy- & psychology practices to help enhance the clients’ Pilates practice routines.

LeCielStudio Vision

To provide everyone, interested in their health & well being, a comfortable and happy environment, to inform and assist on personal growth to well-balanced individuals.